Is Belly Delly Deli Being Resurrected?


Saw this sign outside the infamous Belly Delly Deli (on Broadway & 50th), which has been closed since the end of last year. I always thought it was a gross generic Midtown deli, but I know there are some who will be excited for it to reopen. Not sure if it’s going to still be the Belly Delly Deli, or something else, but either way from the looks of the sign we can count on it being generic. I wonder if you’ll be able to eat your turkey sandwich upstairs while getting your nails done. That would be different!


  • That’s an unfortunate name. Had they not heard of “Delhi Belly” before? Why not just open a taco stand called “Revenge Montezuma’s”? I’ll stick to my sandwiches at Caprophagia’s Place, thank you.

  • Steve, don’t forget to hit the Urophagia Shack for dessert

  • I’d love to see an old fashioned brit type curry house in NY…littel alcoves…flock wallpaper…sitar muzak…Wayne nutting the waiter…

    ahhhh… happy days

  • hahahaha – absolutely, because i’d be rat-arsed, rudy

    then off to get some totty

    happy days indeed

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