Is Tony Luke’s Returning to New York City?

Shorty's CheesesteakTony Luke’s, the famous Philly based cheesesteak/pork sandwich purveyor, used to have a “location” on 9th Ave. btw. 40+41st- before the franchisee got sick of paying the fees and changed the name to Shorty’s (they still serve practically the same menu.) Well, according to the official Tony Luke’s website there is another location “to be announced” in NYC. It’s not clear whether it will be another “franchise” situation, or if it will the real deal- but either way, may I humbly suggest they return to the Midtown area? Even a half decent Tony Luke’s is probably better than most of the Philly cheesesteak (and roast pork with broccoli rabe!) options we’ve got. [via Serious Eats Comments]

Photo courtesy of Josh Bousel


  • Mustard????????!!!!! On a cheesesteak? Must report this transgression back to the Borg leader at Citizens Bank Park. . . . . errrr, I mean, hmmm, very interesting, mustard on a cheesesteak, I have to give it a try.

    BTW, I hope this NYC branch is better than the one in Atlantic City, sandwich was dry and almost no cheese wiz on it (roll was good though).

  • Dubya do you put ketchup on you NYC hot dogs? :-P

  • All ya need is Buttah..laaa dde dadadada all ya need is buttah ladedeedahdeddah.

    I love the Buttles errr Beatles.

  • Nope, NYC dog, strictly kraut and mustard only.

    But all kidding aside, I will have to try a steak, Wiz and mustard combo sometime so long as it’s outside of Philly to avoid a beat down by the locals.

  • They don’t even stock mustard at Pat’s & Geno’s so you couldn’t get it if you asked. And you would get a brow beating if you did at some places. Places in South Jersey will let you put anything you want on it though…because they’re whores.

  • Actually, I still think Eulogy is the best food in Philly, but to each their own.

    I happen to live near the Hamilton, NJ Tony Luke’s location. I don’t know what the deal is, but they’re wildly inconsistent. Either the bread is awesome, or rock hard. The meat (pork or cheesesteak) is sometimes awesome, but just as often super dry, or disgustingly greasy (beyond the acceptable standards of Midtown lunch, I mean). Hopefully whoever runs this one gets their stuff sorted out.

    Hopefully this one will work a little har

  • Personally, I like Shorty’s. Do people really hate it that much?

    I tend to agree that getting shirty about the authenticity of a cheesesteak is a bit much. Taste is all I go by.

  • Went to school with one of the Amorosos. All I can say is I’m sure they didn’t hand the reigns over to that stupid spoiled brat or you’d be blogging about how good their bread USED to be.

  • Yeah, I like Shorty’s too. I went to school in philly and coming from new york, i thought it was sad how much they trumped to their two favorite trivial things: Rocky and Cheesesteaks. I think there is a point at which you’re overanalyzing things. it’s not haute cuisine, it has freaking cheese from a can on it. Shorty’s is great if you want to grab a cheesesteak and beer in an area that’s really deprived of local joints. and i agree somewhat about the point about the bread, but i think the steaks at shorty’s are meatier than the ones they serve at pat’s late nights (and yes i’ve noticed a difference from the daytime steaks).

    also the bread they serve at tony luke’s in philly is baked there. it’s not delivered from amoroso. so that may explain that inconsistent bread issue

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