Philly Native Calls Carl’s Best Cheesesteak in NYC

Grub Street took Philadelphia native and cheesesteak lover Joey Campanaro (Little Owl) on a tour of Manhattan’s cheesesteak purveyors, and when the dust cleared Carl’s Steaks (with a location on 3rd Ave. and 34th St. ) was victorious. More surprising than the Carl’s victory was the fact that Shorty’s came in 5th out of 7 places. Shorty’s, which is located on 9th Ave. btw. 41+42nd used to be an outpost of the famed “Tony Luke’s” in Philly until they got sick of paying the royalties for the name. You would think they would have learned a thing or two about making a cheesesteak in that time (although in fairness, ML commenters have said that their pork sandwiches with broccoli rabe are where it’s at.) Also included in the list, Philly Slim’s (on 9th Ave. and 53rd) and 99 Miles to Philly (52nd & 2nd)

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    I’m going to Carl’s tonight for a late night drunken snack after Oasis.

  • I think Shorty’s is quite tasty. Put the broccoli rabe in the cheesesteak itself and you can pretend it’s healthy! Not sure what the obsession over the “authenticness” of a greasy junk food is–no offense to Philly, but I’ll take deliciousness any day.

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  • Having had numerous cheesesteaks in both NYC and Philly from a number of different establishments I have to say I agree with the list. Carls and Wogies are far and away better than all of the other cheesesteaks in NYC. And I will add I think Shortys should be towards the end of the list. Bread is no good and the steak and cheese mixture gets too heavy. List is spot on.

  • Really thought this site was about food, and not vicious rants from unstable people.

  • Sorry Eddie. Zach has not ipbanned or disbarred comments from DocChuck yet

  • nina, dearest, there is no such thing as a “chicken cheesesteak”

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