The New Silo Cafe Has Opened And is Giving Away Free Breakfast


Silo Cafe has opened in the food court that houses Pampano Taqueria and Sohpie’s Cuban (on 3rd Ave. btw. 49+50th.)  On first glance it’s just another generic Midtown Deli, but I got this message from a lunch’er the other day:

I know cheap (or even better free) stuff seems to get good mileage on your site, so I thought you’d be interested in hearing that Silo Cafe finally opened in the Pompano food court (50th and Lex). It is probably not much better than your basic (upscaleish) deli at $7.50/lb, except for the udon, bibimbap and sushi bar in the back. My veggie bibimbap was pretty big and also came with miso soup for just $6.50. Chicken and beef are only a dollar more. I’m relatively new to the midtown scene, but to my untrained tastebuds it was also pretty good and they whipped it up for me in about 3 minutes. To top it off, the cashier handed me a coupon for a free breakfast item when I left. You can beat that can you?

Well, you know I’m a sucker for free stuff (and bibimbap), so I headed over the other day to check it out… 


The bi bim bap had some positives and negatives.  We’ll start with the bad.  Scrambled eggs?  Uh… that’s strange.  True bi bim bap should have a fried egg, and ideally it will be fried fresh and sunny side up/over easy so that you can break the yolk over the top of the whole thing.  I kind of think no egg would be better than scrambled egg.  None of the veggies were traditional either, and they mixed it up for you- so you don’t get to regulate how much sauce you want in there.  It was more of a cold Korean beef salad mixed with rice. That being said, it was plenty spicy, and the flavor was not bad. You also got a free soup with it. Not the best bi bim bap (even for a deli), but if you have to eat at a deli, this is one of your better ordering options.

I probably wouldn’t go back, but they gave me a coupon for a free breakfast item- so now I kind of have to.  The coupon expires on September 19th, and they were giving them out on Friday, so I would assume they may be giving them out until the end of the week?  I guess you can take your chances…


In addition to Silo Cafe opening, it appears as if the construction in the Crystal Pavillion food court is finally completed.  There is now extra seating for you to sit and enjoy your lunch.

Silo Cafe, 805 Third Ave. (btw. 49+50th) in the Crystal Food Pavillion, 212-532-0639

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