At Lunch Now: I’m A Tad Bit Nervous…

So, I’m about to enter the cauldron of doom. My stomach has been tested and pushed to the limits time and time again… but nothing holds a candle to Tad’s Steaks, the bastard child of Midtown Lunch’ing. The only place that makes you think “some things just shouldn’t be that cheap.” But the challenge was issued, so I must oblige.

If I don’t make it, you’ll know I went out doing what I love best: eating disgusting food in Midtown Manhattan.


  • Thank God!

  • I absolutely second the Strip Club Buffet memorial! Blondie – Shall we start the planning process? Invites, eulogy, testaments to Zach’s stoic bravery in the face of chain restaurant meat evilry…there’s just so much to do.

  • actually ricks cabaret has REALLY GOOD SANDWICHES!!!!…i mean…so ive heard….

  • mamacita — i am very aware of a little known think called humor. 15 RIP comments are 14 too many and not particularly funny. McBagel’s comment about treating Sarah, very funny.

  • Stan, everything Rudy says is funny, or else he wouldn’t be Rudy.

  • To re-focus this, wasn’t that garlic bread soaked in the butter sauce good? I liked Tad’s, I am not ashamed to admit it (well, maybe a little), so Pfffffft to all you Tad Bashers

  • One word for you: digestive enzymes !

  • Did Zach make it? If Tad’s is as bad as people are saying it is then hopefully he has 2nd thoughts. I;m new here…but I must say that I have enjoyed reading his various reviews. Good luck Zach!

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