Unlimited Metrocards Make Lunch’ing Out of Bounds More Common

NY Times reports today on how the Unlimited Metrocard has changed the way office workers approach lunch.  “Today, many downtown office workers think nothing of hopping on the subway at Wall Street and zipping up to Union Square for lunch. Workers in Midtown might ride a couple of stops to Macy’s to get some shopping done during a break.”  It’s true, while my goto Subway Lunch is now gone, I have considered seeing how long it would take to lunch in other parts of the city via the subway.  Shake Shack?  Chinatown? Some have even suggested Jackson Heights could be done in under an hour if you hit the trains right.  That would be amazing.  And this idea is clearly spreading… some of my former co-workers have made it a habit to hop on the Rock Center subway to Nolita for lunch on Fridays.

Anybody have any intel on this topic?  Back when it was still open, the Manhattan Mall food court was easy in under an hour.  Have you gone farther?  How long did it take?  And where did you eat?  Comments please…


  • The key is multiple train lines servicing your route. If you are reliant on one train, you could be waiting 10-15 minutes both coming and going, because it’s midday train wait times. The B/D suggestions above are good.

  • I second the banh mi in Chinatown, and also c.c. cookies at Levain (cookies are lunch). Can do either in about an hour from 34th st with serious, brisk walking.

  • @marina… wow, um, okay. didn’t mean to strike a nerve. :) always up for new lunch spots, thanks for the rec!

  • Mamaita, at present im free for friday lunch.

    Are you in London :)?

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