A Road Trip to Souderton, PA for BBQ

It’s completely normal to travel over an hour in the South for good BBQ. But in the North East, we don’t really do that.  I would guess it is mostly we are spoiled with a lot of great food options within a mile radius. I stumbled upon Jesse’s Barbecue and Local Market while looking for a substantial meal the day after a friends wedding in Landsdale.

Jesse’s seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere (sorry, Soudertonians), but it was love at first sight, with the wooden shack to order from and smokers just beyond the seating area.

Tragically, burnt ends aren’t available until the evening. I ordered a  chopped brisket platter with sides of mac and cheese and corn fritters.

My friend ordered a sampler: ribs, pulled pork, sliced brisket, and a chicken leg, with corn bread and mac and cheese. This platter was $18.50 but was easily enough food for two.

The ribs were truly amazing and I am not easily impressed by ribs; these were slightly smokey, and meaty with the right amount of give. My second favorite were the corn fritters, served with maple syrup, though they needed nothing because small fried fritters of corn kernels are perfect on their own.

Brisket, both chopped and sliced, but moreso the chopped- was also impressive- a good balance of meat, fat, and salt. On top of that, the cornbread, chicken, and even the iced tea were all things I would want to eat again. The only item that did not impress was the mac and cheese.  I also liked that there was a small produce stand by the seating, and I got to take home some local tomatoes.

Staff was really friendly and appreciated our enthusiasm for their offerings. While we came on the early side and were one of 3 tables eating, a local in the parking lot told us the place is often packed. Not surprising, this is Texas worthy BBQ they are serving. Yes, I said it.

Would you travel an hour for good BBQ? I think you should.

Jesse’s Barbecue and Local Market, 98 N County Line Rd, Souderton, 215 723-4600


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  • Boy howdy, that mac&cheese looks bland.

    I’m surprised the chopped brisket beat the sliced, though: the chopped tends to be the ends of the briskets used for slices plus the bits that remain on the cutting board while they slice. Not that these are bad, but not as fatty and juicy as the proper slices. $18.50 is a legit nice price, though. Smoked chicken?

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