I Tried a Detroit Coney

Hey guys- I am in Detroit right now for a conference and my main goal in between sessions was to try a Coney- a chili, onion, and mustard topped hot dog. Close to where we staying in Downtown Detroit are two rival spots directly next to each other- American Coney Island and Lafayette Coney Island. They were started by feuding Greek brothers and are both known for this style of hot dog. They are sort of like the Pat’s and Geno’s of Detroit but maybe more culturally accepting. I did a little taste test of a coney at each.

I tried to forget the fact that I don’t love chili for the sake of getting an authentic experience, but taste buds don’t actually work like that. First off, holding a coney feels like sticking your hand in to a recently soiled diaper. ┬áThe hot dog from American was definitely better than Lafayette’s, though the American chili had less seasoning (for me that is a good thing because less cumin).

I can’t say I get the coney Raw onions and no ketchup is not my wiener preference (I prefer knish and pastrami topped)but at least I can say I gave it a try.

American Coney Island, 115 Michigan Ave

Lafayette Coney Island, 118 W Lafayette Blvd



  • Given a choice I’d have to go with Whitefish Coney Island

    Homemade, of course

  • Ketchup on a hot dog? No wonder you had to leave New York. :)

    As someone who likes diarrhea chili, Lafayette is way better, if only because the waiter did magic tricks. Just wait until you go next level with Rhode Island New York System Hot Dogs and Plattsburgh Michiganders. As for Detroit, the Greek Pizza is worth trying and there’s good Lebanese in Dearborn.

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