BrazBQ Brings Brazilian Flavors on Wheels

 Today Luncher John is checking out the only Brazilian food truck in town

Think of Brazil and what comes to mind: warm beaches, world class soccer, festive celebrations, barbecue. Don’t feel like traveling all the way to the Southern Hemisphere (or shelling out over $50 at one of the city’s Brazilian steakhouses) for the experience? Have no fear, as the BrazBQ food truck brings a little bit of Brazil to the streets of Philadelphia.

With its green paint and Brazilian flag design, the BrazBQ truck is easily spotted and noticeable. It makes regular appearances at Drexel as well as Center City. As the name implies, the BrazBQ truck is a grill on wheels. Owner Adriano Redante, originally a Brazilian native, does not predominantly serve traditional Brazilian food; rather, BrazBQ typically adds Brazilian touches to typical food truck fares such as sandwiches, burgers and wraps. Most menu items range from $8 and up.

A typical offering is the Brazilian pulled pork sandwich ($8), which is technically a “special” but often on the menu. It’s pulled pork on a big, fluffy Kaiser roll, with lots of meat, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced potato sticks and special Chimichuri sauce. There’s no complaint about food portion, as it’s a thick sandwich. The meat was soft and moist, and there’s a lingering barbecue taste. The potato sticks also add some nice texture. It was an enjoyable sandwich.

For traditional Brazilian fare, try the coxinhas ($5). They look like spherical tater tots, but they may be better (if it’s possible to be better than tater tots). In reality, they’re pieces of chicken wrapped up in potato and flour dough that are fried and served with smoked Sriracha sauce. Coxinha orders are served hot, straight off the fryer. They’re a good snack, though not super filling.

So while the truck isn’t necessarily blaring samba music or serving caipirinhas with your meal, BrazBQ still offers a nice taste of Brazilian flavors. Follow on Twitter for the schedule of stops.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Brazilian touches on traditional food truck selections.
  • Excellent and filling pulled pork sandwich.
  • Some Brazilian plates occasionally available on special.

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I was hoping for more traditional Brazilian dishes on the regular menu.
  • The coxinhas were not very filling for the price.

BrazBQ,, @BrazBQ, 215-208-5755


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  • I love nothing more than braz overflowing with Brazilian flavor. Believe the best time for that is Mardi Gras.. or perhaps a Victoria’s Secret convention.

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