Pie Stand Chicken Pot Hand Pie

I like to stay current on all the popular food trucks in Philly. Its all part of being a good Midtown Luncher. When I found out that Pie Stand won this year’s Vendy Awards, I needed to get my hands on those hand pies, especially the savory ones.

I was able to catch them at an event in Center City. The truck is adorable- very Grandma’s farmhouse kitchen, which is perfect. My order took a fairly long time to be ready, especially considering there was no one waiting ahead of me. But, when I looked in the little window, I realized everything is made to order- the filling is spooned into the dough and fried on the spot.

I picked the chicken pot pie. It comes sliced in half, allowing some of the heat to dissipate, and looking very much like an empanada with an arugula salad on the side. It was easier to eat over a standard chicken pot, appropriate for the mobile setting.  The flaky crust, and hot filling with nice white meat chicken chunks was a solid rendition of the classic on an ingredient front. However at $8, I expected something much more substantial (though Facebook pictures show at other events the same pie is $6, which would be more appropriate). Is it just me, or is part of the appeal of a chicken pot pie that you should feel grossly full after you eat it? This was more of a snack, a delicious snack, but a snack.

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