Hot Diggity’s New Sides Can’t Trump the Hot Dogs

Labor Day weekend is approaching. That puts me in the mood for classic American eats. Until I can have my Dad grill up some hotdogs to a perfect crisp, Hot Diggity on South Street satisfies my American needs. I love their treatment of Sabrett dogs. Last week, they added new menu items, including side dishes and burgers. A good excuse to head over.

The new onion rings ($5) were crispy, but could have been improved with the use of larger sized onions.

The wings were crisper than they looked and covered in a super vinegary buffalo sauce. It may not be your preference, but I like when the acidity is so strong, my nose stings.

But the best bites were the hot dog. Last visit, I enjoyed the unconventional cream cheese topped Seattle Grunge Dog. My choice today, the Texas Hold – Em ($6), is slightly more conventional with scallions, bacon and a whole lot of sauce- a 3 cheese sauce, hot sauce, and BBQ sauce. The snappy dog, salty bacon, and slurry of American sauces tasted like a 3-day weekend. If you don’t have the day off this Monday, at least treat yourself to lunch.

Hot Diggity, 630 South St, 267 886-9253


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    Hot Diggity needs to bring back the Newark Italian Hot Dog special again.

    Haven’t been down there in forever. I need to get back for their fries soon. I’ll be heading out for a year over-the-road trucking in about six weeks, and hopefully I’ll get to try some real Cincinnati skyline chili and Michigan Coneys and a bunch of other stuff on offer here. Interested to see how it stacks up to what HD offers. An investigation of national hot dog culture seems to be a worthy endeavor in which to engage, if you’ve gotta spend a year traveling the country anyway…

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