Spicy Lassis and Fruity Chaat from Mood Cafe

As the #2 most popular restaurant in the city of Philadelphia, Mood Cafe has a perfect score. What could possibly have an entire city so enthralled-crunchy bits, covered in a mix of colorful sauces, with vegetarian and meat options.  Mood Cafe serves chaat and lassis to the lucky people of West Philly and visitors. I didn’t realize until after I was finished eating here that the same intense guy also owns Desi Chaat House, which I enjoyed a few years ago. Both are located along Baltimore Avenue (in the 40′s) along with Desi Village that I have yet to visit, which makes me jealous that my neighborhood doesn’t have even ONE quick chaat take out shop for me.

The Spicy Mint Lassi is made with chili, pineapple, and mint. It is a unique combination, especially for a yogurt based shake. The list of lassi variation is a long one; but I am glad a chose this one. As I sipped outside, I noticed an employee picking fresh mint from right outside the restaurant. Local mint is a great touch,  I just hope they washed it well. Spicy dog urine and mint lassi wouldn’t be a flavor I’d pick.

The owner insisted we try the samosa chaat as a basis of comparison to other chaat, since I mentioned I am not a chaat newb. It came with the requisite beautiful mess of crunchy puffed chips, chickpeas, radish and sauces. The dried figs and super fresh mango were welcomed additions. I’ll eat mango on anything. The samosa was good, but not the best I have ever had.

The lamb rogan josh chaat came with similar fixings, plus pieces of tender lamb. This was a better add in compared to the samosa.  For an outdoor  late summer meal with bold flavors and colors, its no wonder Mood Cafe is a city-wide favorite.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Chaat for everyone
  • Really fun yogurt shakes

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I have had better samosas

Mood Cafe, 4618 Baltimore Ave, 215 222-1037


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