I Green Adds Hand Pulled Noodles

Like Lady Gaga, I-Green in Chinatown is constantly reinventing itself. Once a frozen yogurt place, the menu expanded to include things like soup dumplings. Now, they have added hand pulled noodles to the menu. I just noticed the addition while stopping in with my Chinatown tour group.    

It has been pretty warm out, so I skipped the noodle soups, though I really need to check them out. I ordered the L-14 to go, Noodle with minced pork sauce peking style ($6.50).  Chewy noodles came with a pork and vegetable sauce. It was, as I was warned, spicy! It was a little tricky to reheat, so maybe takeout was not the best plan of attack. The noodles were promising, I would love for someone to report back on their soups this week!

The new menu is big and amusing; also in the soup/noodle section is “Pork Secret Hand Drawn Noodle (intestine).” IGreen isn’t great at keeping secrets, but that is probably a good thing when the secret is an organ that is part of the digestive system.  Plus, you can  ”power up” any soup with an egg or “level up” with extra meat.

 I-Green Frozen Yogurt and Kitchen, 1028 Arch St, 267 519-2742


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