Takoyaki Grill Now at Yummy Yummy

Yummy Yummy is always a go- to for me when I want some Chinatown snacks without committing to a whole sit down thing. I love when new menu items are added. And in my post-Passover carb frenzy, I was happy to see they now have a takoyaki (dough balls with octopus) grill.

Wait a few minutes for the grill to cook the batter. Topped with the requisite bonito and kewpie mayo, the takoyaki are not bad, though a little doughier and bigger than I like. There aren’t a ton of places with takoyaki grills, so I consider this a win.

Yummy Yummy, 52 N 10th  St (btw Filbert & Arch St), 215-625-9188


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