Must Try: Koreana Wings

A few years ago, Luncher Nick told us about his superior parking lot  lunch from Koreana (he had the bibimbap and jabchae). I visited for my first time and tried some of the other items from their fast- food- meets- traditional Korean menu.

An appetizer of boiled mandoo came served in liquid. They are tasty dumplings, but at almost $1 each, not a great deal. This particular dumpling brand can be found at H-Mart, so save your dollars and buy in bulk.

A way better appetizer at the same cost per unit are the Koreana wings;  added to the menu in Fall of 2013. Make sure you don’t get them confused with the “wings” or the “breaded wings.” These are the ever so popular Korean style chicken wings and come in a soy or spicy glaze. I highly recommend trying these wings. The sweet-soy flavor will please everyone. They are the perfect size. And, they were so well fried that the wings in my little box of leftovers were even crispy when I ate them cold for breakfast (wait, what?).

Another fried chicken option with less crunch and less bones  is the “Ganpoongki” ($7.25),  covered in a sweet and sour sauce along with some peas and corn and  a side of rice. Good for anyone in your group looking for something more familiar. It is a solid sweet and sour sauce, though the chicken got a tiny bit soggy under all of it.

In this weird, drizzly weather, a bowl of soup that isn’t overly hearty is pretty perfect. The Galbi Tang ($9.25) is a really simple short rib soup with noodles and egg, also served with rice on the side. The short ribs were somewhat fatty. Don’t expect bold flavors, but this giant bowl  is satisfying nonetheless. Toss in the accompanying kimchee for some spice and some rice for texture.

Explore Koreana’s menu as you see fit, but I must insist you order the wings.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Notable Korean style wings
  • Solid menu of Korean classics

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Some flavors could be stronger

Koreana, 3801 Chestnut St (@ 38th St), 215 222 2240


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