Luke’s Lobster Knows How To Butter My Buns

Luke’s Lobster comes to Philly and the crowd goes wild. This was pretty big news when it opened in May; bringing the Maine lobster everyone already enjoyed in New York. Luke’s occupies one of the subterranean spot on 17th street, the other being Underdogs. Tables are available, but order at the counter.


The Taste of Maine ($20), or Noah’s Ark if you have two people, comes with a pickle, chips, a drink and 1/2 roll of each roll offered; the shrimp, crab, and lobster. You do save $1 each by bringing a friend and going for the Ark. A lobster roll on its own is $15. The chips are all Cape Cod brand and the soda is the fair trade brand Main Root. I really liked the ginger brew I tried.

All rolls are prepared the same; the seafood is cold and and coated sparingly in mayo, lemon butter, and spices. Its good quality seafood with a minimalist preparation, its hard to complain about that.  A little more lemon 0n the shrimp would have been good.  Big chunks of  lobster and crab meat is always a good thing. The lobster wasn’t the sweetest I have had in town. Oyster House, The Capital Grill, and Pennsylvania 6 each serve juicier and sweeter pieces in their rolls. But for less money and far shorter of a lunch break- Luke’s is a good compromise.  What made Luke’s rolls stand out to me was the bun. It was the perfect thickness, toasted just enough, and coated with enough butter to make you notice.

It made me want to come back for one of the few non-seafood items on the menu- a simple grilled cheese.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Real seafood pieces
  • Got them buttered buns

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Not a cheap lunch

Luke’s Lobster, 130 S 17th St,215 564-1415


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