Breakfast and Lunch at Black N Brew Cafe

The mosaic covered walls and hanging flowers draw you in to Black N Brew, a 6 year old cafe on East Passyunk. There is a counter and tables to sit at so you can stay a while to get some work done, though the bustling atmosphere might make it hard for some to concentrate.   The various breakfast, lunch, and drink options are written all over the walls, so don’t forget to bring your glasses. We came across the cafe while biking; one of us was looking for lunch (obviously me) and one of us was hoping for breakfast (never me),  Black N Brew was able to provide both.

On the wall, I was drawn to the unique turkey, goat, cheese, homemade jam combo. The creamy and sweet mixture inside the toasty sandwich worked for me. I even added some syrup for more sweetness, though honey may have been ever better. The jam + white turkey meat is a good compromise between choosing sweet or savory. It was accompanied by a side salad.

Breakfast is available during business hours (7am-5pm). The “deluxe” has all the essentials, 2 eggs, homefries, 2 pancakes, and 2 pieces of bacon ($9.50). The homefries were nicely browned and salty.  The eggs, bacon, and pancake were all cooked properly. For a breakfast person, this plate will cover all your bases.

Black N Brew is not exactly a destination lunch, but will hit the spot if you are looking for simple, environmentally conscious above-average cafe food on E Passyunk.

Black N Brew, 1523 E Passyunk Ave (@ Dickinson St), 267 639-6070


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