Thai Lunch Specials at Spice 28

Sakura Mandarin is a favorite Chinatown spot of mine, so I was excited to check out the new, more fusiony restaurant by the same guys. While Sakura has sushi and Mandarin style food, Spice 28 has Szechuan and Thai food. With its trendy decor and slightly higher prices, would I still be impressed by the food?

Wontons in chili oil are always a good appetizer to order at any Szechuan restaurant. Spice 28′s is classically squirmy and covered in hot oil and scallions.

The lunch specials start with a choice of soup, wonton or tom yum. The tom yum was enjoyably spicy and came with a plethora of fresh vegetables.

For the entree, I stuck with the Thai side of the menu and picked the drunken noodles with shrimp. The soup and noodle combo was $9. While the portion of the entree was a little small, it was obviously a higher quality dish, better than some other Thai spots in the city. The shrimp were plump, there were plenty of pieces of fresh thai basil, and just enough brown sauce covering the thick noodles.

Back to the Szechuan menu, I also tried the Dan Dan noodles-  a true test of authenticity. Their bowl was better than the super “battery” charged ones I have had, but it could have been spicier. I also like when there is a lot of ground meat in it, which this didn’t have.

Beyond the lunch specials, Spice 28 has a varying levels of spicy and adventurousness. Being that Spice 28 lies outside Chinatown and offers a more refined menu with very friendly service, this is a great place to satisfy your Asian food needs while appealing to your more sensitive friends.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Quality lunch specials
  • Very varied menu
  • Cute decor, friendly service

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Pricier and smaller portions than some other Thai or Szechuan restaurants

Spice 28, 1228 Chestnut St, 215 928-8880


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