College Kid and Squirrel Approved- Bulgogi Kimchee Cheese Fries from Sammy Chon’s KTown Express Truck

I was unaware, but Sammy Chon opened a truck on Temple’s campus in April. The menu is an abbreviated version of their other locations, including appetizers, Korean burritos, Korean tacos, and Korean hoagies. I figured since I was on a college campus, I might as well get real college with it and order the fully loaded meaty, cheese fries.

For $7 I was handed a hot container full of  crinkle fries covered in a substantial amount of bulgogi along with caramelized kimchee, some white sauce, and a bit of cheese whiz. That is basically a recipe for success, don’t you agree? The kimchee is not super spicy, but it adds a kick.  You get your money’s worth with the ample amount of bulgogi. It was an enjoyable mess.

This hungry squirel agrees, bulgogi kimchee cheese fries are a good thing.

Sammy Chon’s KTown Express Truck, 1919 N 13th St Philadelphi, 267-233-5312


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