Free Lunch at one of My Favorite Sandwich Spots

Tomorrow (Wed, June 20th), Jake’s Sandwich Board is teaming with LevelUp to launch their new tech based loyalty program. If you use the LevelUp app to pay (I love this app) you can get your lunch for free! (Up to $10, which means you can get any one of their sandwiches).

For further reading, LevelUp wrote an article to celebrate the launch of 500th business partnership in Philly.

And- if you don’t have LeveUp yet, why not use my promo code and give me your referral cashmonies! Its 45712.

(UPDATE: The LevelUp partnership worked out so well that this deal is being extended today and Friday, enjoy!)


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    Love Jake’s and I use LevelUp quite a bit but you can’t find Jake’s in the Places section of Levelup OR on their website!!!!!

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