Temple’s Plaza Pizza Has a Hidden Treasure

Around Temple University, lunch is best spent at a food truck. Beyond that, the campus is stuck with sad Chinese food places and bad pizza. Rachel’s Nosherie and Koja Grille are the main exceptions to that.

Plaza Pizza is one of those not so great pizza joints. But, among the regular sandwiches, cheesesteaks, and salads, one of their menu items is actually a hidden treasure.

Thanks to a very disarming and handsome Temple student, I was exposed to Plaza Pizza’s buffalo chicken cutlet wrap. The tomato, fried chicken cutlet pieces, blue cheese and buffalo sauce inside are low-brow addictive. You get the sauce, meat, and friedness of a buffalo wing without having to get your fingers messy. Plus, since it is a wrap, you can trick people in to thinking you are eating something healthy.

F0r $6.50, the large wrap comes with chips and a pickle.

Nothing else I have ever had there has been that great. Like these broccoli cheese bites, for example.

Stick with the wrap.

Plaza Pizza and Grill, 1600 N Broad, 215 765 3330


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