Beef Negimaki Bento Box at Misora Express: When I am Ok with Being Wrong

Misora Express boasts a lot of “best sushi” claims in their window that I had been ignoring each time I passed by. It was one of those days where I didn’t feel like thinking about lunch so I popped into the first place I saw. Misora does salads, smoothies, sushi, and other Japanese dishes like terikyaki.

I wanted to get something not completely terrible for me. Beef naiamaki seemed like the right move, I mean, it’s grilled, so that counts as healthy. I ordered the bento. I love the concept of  a bento box, the more different things to taste the better, but I often find myself saddened by the depressing shumai or whatever that occupy space next to the entree. So with my low expectations of the place and of bento boxes in Center City, I waited for my food expecting to be dissapointed. In these situations (and only these situations as my friends could attest to), I am so very happy to be wrong.

First off, the amount of food with Misora’s bentos is craziness. For $8 it comes with: rice, miso soup, salad all in separate containers plus seaweed salad, jopchae, edamame, one dumpling, and a few pieces of a california roll. As far as bento sides go, I was impressed with the quality of everything, especially the seaweed salad and jopchae. Even the pan fried  dumplings didn’t suck, not even a little.

On to the beef. I got about 6 slices of rolled up beef slices in a scallion-soy thick sauce.  Besides being really flavorful from the sauce I was impressed at the quality of the beef, for $8 measly dollars you would expect some gross chewiness or some gristle, but this could have been served at a much fancier restaurant.

I was very very glad that my impression of Misora was far from the truth. Look out for more savings, as Misora tends to pop up  as a Groupon Now lunchtime deal.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Bento boxes with tons of great sides!
  • Tasty beef that isn’t too bad for you

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • I like less sauce covering my meat

Misora Express, 1511 Chestnut St, 215 564-6463



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    They use to come with mini-skewer when the first open.

    They have pre-made lunch boxes that comes with less stuff for cheaper if people don’t want all that food.

  • My guess is that Jamie is a total sauce queen and could easily handle the biggest meat in Japan. When you coming to NY again?


  • @wayne, I love that you always have faith in me. thanks for that. xoxo jamie

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