Korean Sandwiches, Overstuffed Paninis, and All Day Breakfast at Rana Corner Deli

Some friends of mine told me that the little deli on 11th and Spruce called Rana actually made some decent lunch and all-day breakfast sandwiches. In the middle of all the different types of chips, prepackaged dumplings, and many types of teas is  the sandwich counter.

Besides deli sandwiches, I was intrigued by the 2 korean sandwich options- spicy pork or spicy chicken.

The larger sandwich is the spicy pork and the smaller is the mozzarella and prosciutto sandwich we also tried. Either would be a filling lunch.

The spicy pork ($7) was served at room temperature, which was a little strange. Also it was served with regular American style accouterments-tomato, onion, lettuce, whereas some pickled carrots would have been more appropriate. But the meat itself had a tasty and spicy marinade that was surprisingly authentic. It is a pretty messy sandwich, so look out.

The prosciutto- mozz panini came with a ridiculous amount of prosciutto in it, like probably more of a generous portion that I have ever seen, pretty awesome. The panini came with ranch dressing, which sounds weird but was used sparingly. I think do to the weird temperature and clashing American toppings of the korean sandwich, this more simple  sandwich was the favorite.

And just for the hell of it, the breakfast sandwiches (served all day)  are under $3 and come on your choice of Metropolitan Bakery bread.

Rana, 1034 Spruce St, 215 238-1223



  • That’s an absurd amount of prosciutto. Was it one of the premade panini’s you see at generic deli counters, from the looks of the bread (pita?) I’m assuming so.

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    Just to clarify, this place is on 11th and Spruce, not 10th.

    I freaked out when I saw this post because walk by 10th and Spruce every other day on my way to WF and have NEVER noticed this place. Thought I had gone crazy or something. But quick google search shows it’s on 11th. Just fyi.

  • good catch spiky, thanks

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