Spy on Strangers and Have a Melt at Perch Pub

Last week, we profiled Anthony, a manager at Perch Pub. Perch Pub opened in January, taking over the Upstares at Varalli space on the 2nd floor over Broad and Locust, which I think was a brilliant call. I never would have thought to go in there before, it seemed stuffy, but now it’s a pub with an awesome beer list and some great snacks to go with it. And it’s in a great location, whether you are playing pool or darts in the back or sitting by the window secretly watching people on Broad St.  Finally, they just started lunch hour service.

I ordered the veggie cheese melt, not really thinking much of my order, after all I was there for some beer. But it ended up being pretty memorable. It was packed with mediterranean grilled eggplant, roasted peppers, oven-roasted tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, fontina cheese and pesto mayo. Meat isn’t always needed for a perfect sandwich. The bread was just the right thickness for grilling and the veggies tasted great together. The melt came with a fresh green side salad. All of their melts are under $10, and they all sound worth trying; I will be back for the short rib and cheddar one.  They also have a list of burgers and non melt sandwiches.

Skip the nachos, but try the pickled green tomatoes, deviled eggs, and black eyed peas off the pub snack list, especially since they are under $3 each. And do check out the changing beer list before you go.

Perch Pub, 1345 Locust St (@Broad St) 215 546 4090


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