Jake’s Has the Cure for the Mondays

Starting today, something amazing is happening at Jake’s Sandwich Board. Now on Mondays, you can get one of Jake’s Whole Roasted Pork Sandwiches for $5 dollars. I don’t even have to tell you that this is the same price as a sandwich from Subway.

If you need a refresher of  my report from last May, after the jump is a pic of what your $5 pork sandwich could look like…  Also, I try the Philly Wasabi for the first time.

If you recall… the pork sandwich comes with your choice of toppings, and on mine pork cracklings were involved. This giant sandwich can be yours for $5 measly dollars!

I spied the gorgeous fried onions on top of someone else’s Philly Wasabi sandwich and I needed one for myself. I absolutely love wasabi and how it adds not only spice but flavor; the nose tingling, allergy clearing creamy wasabi spread was amazing over the steak. The American cheese blended in completely and added to the creamy, salty bliss. And those crisped fried onions on top are just an added present.

Another new weekly special is BBQ Tuesdays. The boys have fired up their smoker and tweaked their recipes for a different smoked meat every Tuesday, served classic bbq style, on a tray with white bread. This week- its pork and next week, brisket, so be on the look out.

Jake’s Sandwich Board,  122 S 12th St  (@ Sansom St), 215-922-0102



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