Preview: Korean Tacos at Giwa

I just got to sample the pork version of Giwa’s new Korean style tacos that they will start offering this week. Giwa’s management is still unsure about when they will offer it, but when I asked if they would include it during lunch time if people request it, they assured me that was a likely possibility. And they should- it’s a great snack at any time of day.

As of now, 2 tacos cost $5.50. I think I would need another little snack or another taco to make a complete lunch.  I can’t say if I have ever eaten kimchee and sour cream together, but the contrast of creamy- cool and spicy- crunchy is a “why didn’t I think of that?” natural fit. Cilantro and lime juice bring the more traditional taco flavor.  This was a great adaptation of everyone’s favorite new fusion trend.  Long live the Korean Taco.

So let’s make this happen, let’s get the tacos on the lunchtime menu. Maybe we can even convince them to serve up 3 tacos for $8 to make a meal out of it.

Giwa, 1608 Sansom St (@ 16th St), 215 557 9830



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