By the Beard of Zeus! Home Cooked Mousaka at Sandy’s

While biking around looking for lunch I saw Sandy’s, a very nondescript corner diner with one plain sign announcing they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is the kind of place that will either grind out a whole lot of nothingspecials, or maybe, just maybe, there could be something special.

A list of daily specials drew me in with the fish grinder. But wait a minute- is that mousaka* on the menu? With a friendly Greek man to make it for me?

*I am using Sandy’s spelling of the dish, though some use the  ”moussaka” spelling

Sneakily placed in the middle of a menu full of deli sandwiches and American breakfast staples, are 3 options of Greek specialties: mousaka, gyro, and chicken souvlaki. For the random amount of 8 dollars and 30 cents, you get a plate of mousaka with a side salad and a roll. It is a pretty amazing deal.

Mousaka is a host of some of my favorite things. I enjoyed the varying flavors and textures of my layers of cheese, meat, sauce, and eggplant. There wasn’t a strong showing of bechamel, but nobody is perfect.

Sandy’s mousaka is definitely one of those hidden gem lunches that get me all warm and fuzzy inside.

By the time I noticed the mousaka, I had already ordered my fish sandwich, or grinder as they called it. It was huge and had a tasty cheese on top. I was told the fish was tilapia which I usually enjoy because of its blandness but there was a tinge of that fishy taste that made me not really love it.

I was about to run out the door when I saw homemade rice pudding ($3). The rice was a little undercooked, but it had a nice flavor.

The inside of Sandy’s has that old school diner feel, narrow, with counter seats and a few booths. I sat at the counter and chatted with the new owner  (not Sandy anymore) as she made spanikopita from scratch, even her own filo dough. Sad face- it was not ready in time for me to try it.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Homemade mousaka plus a salad for under $10 is amazing
  • The unexpected and affordable Greek menu makes this place stand out from your average diner
  • Cute diner setting and friendly staff
  • Big menu of classic breakfast and lunch foods if you aren’t in the mood for  Greek, and it’s all inexpensive

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • If you are sensitive to fishiness, the fried fish here might not be for you

Sandy’s, 231 S. 24th St (@ Locust St), 215 732 8335



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