Back to Beck’s for some Whiskey in my Dessert

It had been about 8 months since my last visit to Beck’s Cajun in Reading Terminal to try the po’boy and a friend had pointed out that I missed one of their best dishes- the bread pudding. I had to return to try it, plus some other snacks I didn’t get to the first time. Some might criticize the authenticity of Beck’s, having never been to New Orleans I am not one of them. But no critic can hate on the bread pudding. My friend was correct in pointing out my omission, this dessert is not to be missed.

But first- Mac and cheese + fried? Yes, please. An order of Fried Mac & Cheese comes with 2 giant fried balls covered in tomato sauce. While the mac and cheese inside was tasty, the fried outside was not crispy and that made me sad. It was so close to being what I wanted, but the lack of crispness ruins the dish.

Etoufee of the day is served over white rice. On my visit it was a crawfish version. Do what we did and get it over the jambalaya instead of white rice- genius mash up. The combo enhances the smokiness of both dishes. Like I said, I am no New Orleans expert but the smokey, spicy Creole flavors were working for me. The etoufee was mysterious to me; the flavor palate is very different from what I am used to and compelled me to keep eating.

Crawfish pasta was not heavily dressed, which I appreciated. The few tidbits of crawfish tasted very fresh, but as I expected, it could have used more. It is a lighter alternative to the hot, sauce dishes offered.

The star of the meal was the bread pudding with whiskey sauce. With the first warm bite, I felt like my heart was being hugged by a jolly, doughy drunk fairy, or maybe that was all the butter. I thought the balance of the sweetness was just right. Beck’s version is completely soaked and mushy, so if you like a more breadlike consistency, this might not be for you.  The large portion is just right for sharing.

Beck’s Cajun, 12th and Arch, Stall C-8



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