A Leisurely Lunch at Ladder

Ladder 15 confuses me. It’s a chill bar during the week, but I can’t stand bars that charge a cover for no reason on the weekends. Seeing how packed it gets, others clearly do not mind. Despite the weekend fratmosphere, there are some good things going on in the kitchen since Chef Ansill joined the team.

 For lunch, the space is actually really lovely. We got a table right next to the open windows. Built for the weekend crowds, the downstairs area is spacious during off peak hours. The relaxed atmosphere is a great break from a chaotic work day.

Another selling point is that all items are 15% off during lunch!

 The promise of pine nuts and currants convinced me to try the grilled chorizo dish.  The grilled baguette is topped with spicy chorizo slices and  spinach laced with the currants and pine nuts, a fried egg is plopped on top.  It is a well thought out dish with both spicy and sweet flavors and contrasting textures from the egg, spinach, and baguette. I really loved the grilled baguette and pretty much everything else on the plate. My one complaint is the same problem I have when cooking spinach myself- it left that weird filmy feeling in my mouth. I wonder how to avoid that? Super crispy potato chips came on the side, just the way I like them.

The regular burger (as opposed to the famous bone marrow creation) comes on a delicious brioche. Looks like I am really digging Ladder’s bread selection. The most notable aspect of the burger was how it was cooked exactly as requested (medium rare). How often do you see restaurants scared of keeping the middle pink? I assume it is easier to keep a burger more rare when you are dealing with higher quality ground meat. The fries that come with the burger are also very good.

It is easy to forget the scene at Ladder is a complete 180 on a Friday night, and this is a good thing.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Perfect bread selection for each sandwich
  • They serve a medium rare hamburger that is actually medium rare
  • The daytime atmosphere is relaxing, especially with the tables by the window
  • 15% off during lunch

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  •  Most of the lunch options are around $10
  • Even Chef Ansill can’t take away the spinach mouth film problem

Ladder 15, 1528 Sansom St (@ 15th St), 215 964 9755



  • Totally agree about the hassle with getting a place to actually cook your burger medium-rare!

    That chorizo dish looks like something I would definitely pick out and order on a menu. Awesome.

  • jesus jamie you have massive hands. and a vice like grip on that burger. and with all those garnishes, did you choose to only put a single tomato on the underside of the patty!?

  • @milk steak those are not my hands, though I do usually grip my food like it is going out of style. I was lucky enough to have a handsome (though foul-mannered) lunch companion who likes his burgers medium rare.

  • that guy’s got some sausage fingers. or empanadas hands.

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