New Snacks at Dim Sum Garden

I love Dim Sum Garden, I really do. I love that their dishes are cheap and tasty. I love that they have a big menu and that they are always adding things. So it was about time I checked out some of their new menu items.

The taro with dried fruits was not well received by the crowd due to its heaviness, but I was into it.  There didn’t seem to be much dried fruit in there. The big thick mush ball of lightly sweet taro might be better for a breakfast though.

The turnip cake was how I like it, flakey outside with shreds of savory turnip inside.

A sucker for marinated gluten, we also picked up an order of their version. Though not as good as Sakura’s, Dim Sum Garden’s still satisfied that weird meatlike savoryness that I love about the dish.

When at Dim Sum Garden, noodles are a must. Though not a new dish, I tried the pork with pickled vegetables for the first time and definitely appreciated the veggies themselves and the hint of pickled-ness that permeated the whole dish.

Dim Sum Garden, 59 N. 11th St. (btw Filbert and Arch St.), 215-627-0218



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    I walk by that place all the time. I always wonder if it was good or not. I’m going to go there tomorrow during lunch to pick up the taro and turnip bun.

  • @mbuu as I said, the taro is not to everyone’s liking. Check out the pork noodles in my older Dim Sum Garden Review- any of the (dry)noodles are a must!!

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    It is good – as usual, you just need to know what to order & what to avoid. Jamie’s suggestions in both reviews are all good, the steamed buns (soup dumplings) are great.

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    okay, I just came back from this place a few hours ago. I went by with a friend. We both know and seen the place but never really saw a reason to go in.

    First, how do you know you can even order the taro bun or turnip? It’s not on the menu. I looked around to a picture of something but I couldn’t find it. I pull off my iphone, went to this page and asked the waiter for them. He said that they only have what’s on the menu but after seeing the picture, he said they have it. I also forgot my glasses so there might have been another menu that I didn’t see.. and I didn’t check out the menu outside. This place have A LOT of menus.

    Taro – I think the dry fruit is the green and red thing on top. I like taro and anything taro, so I had to try it. I like it. Sweet, but not too sweet. I would rather it this than a donut for breakfast. It was hot and gooey, I enjoyed eating it.

    Turnip – This have a very familiar taste to it. I taste almost like this ‘chicken pie’ from a bakery in chinatown, which taste almost like a chicken pot pie but a little sweeter but the crust in both reminded me of something else I had when I was a kid but can’t find it anymore. I was craving this again after I left…

    My friend order the beef noodle. Tasted fine. I wasn’t really there for the noodle. There’s only three type of asian noodles that I like. The hand shave noodle, the dry beef chow fun at the underground asian supermarket, and my mom’s noodle. Everything else is on the same level. It’s not bad, it’s just not that great.

    The beef noodle had that pickle…vegetable/cabbage thinggie that I ate at my mom’s place. Dim Sum noodle wasn’t bad, but it reminded me of my mom’s noodle, without the full flavor as my mom, but then again, nobody beats ‘mom’s cooking’.

    Oh pricing, $2.50 for the taro and $3.50 for the turnip. If the taro was served at a regular dim sum place… I would be happy to pay 2.00 for it. 2.50 seems too high for me… for one peice… maybe for 2 pieces… I dunno.

    As for the turnip, if that came with three peices at a dim sum place, I would get that each time I go to get dim sum.

    Almost forgot, my friend commented that the waiter look mean it something. I thought they were very tentative and friendly.

    Next stop: Bubby’s brisket. Thanks for the website, I’m going to use it to find the cheapest of the cheapest and try them all out.

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