Bumblefish: I guess I’ll have the sushi then…

The 4th and latest incarnation of the Bumblefish mini-chain landed in Center City not too long ago. Bumblefish claims to be neo-Asian healthy fast food. The store front’s high energy logo caught my eye (though I only now noticed looking back at the picture that the store is in need of some shingle repair).

I was not intending on eating sushi. I was really wanting to try to green tea noodle salad, thinking it would resemble the Burmese appetizer that I love. But alas, they didn’t have it. In fact, they have never had it. Way to tease me, guys! And then I found out that none of the other noodle dishes were available that day! I could have totally gone for the Citrus Sesame Noodle with green spinach noodles.

So sushi it was…

Pre-made sushi is available or they can roll it fresh for you. I had my doubts about the roll job potential of the young looking sushi roller behind the counter, but he didn’t let me down. The sushi is divided into raw and cooked sections to make it easier to choose. While I chuckled at the roll called “You sunk my battered shrimp,” I ultimately chose the spicy tuna and sushi combo, with 8 pieces of spicy tuna and 4 pieces of sashimi, 2 shrimp, a tuna, and some white colored fish that they called tilapia, but I am not sure that is actually what it was. The tuna wasn’t very spicy on its own, but a little wasabi helped that. The roll did taste very fresh and I liked the crunch from the cucumber and the flavor of the spicy mayo dip on top. The 4 pieces of sashimi were equally as fresh.

The sushi combos cost $9 and come with either water or soup. I clearly got the soup, miso- naturally. I always enjoy the little tofu pieces that are usually floating in the miso soup, but I didn’t notice any here. But I have never had a miso soup so chock full of seaweed, it was kind of nice.

I was full after eating the whole combo. $9 is a little high for lunch, but this is fresh sushi we are talking about here. Even the pre-packaged stuff is updated frequently. Maybe someday they will stop teasing me and start serving the green tea noodle salad.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Fresh sushi made for you quickly or premade to grab and go
  • Pretty much all of the menu items are healthy
  • Lively interior with many tables

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Why do you have things on the menu that you don’t serve!
  • Not open after 7:30 or weekends


Bumblefish, 12 S 10th St (btw Chestnut and Market St), 215 625 0720


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