The Sandwiches at Angelo & Josephine’s are the Best Food in Manayunk

Listen, if you work in Manayunk, live in Manayunk, or plan on passing through it- you MUST get a sandwich at Angelo and Josephine’s. I have done my fair share of eating in the Yunk, and I think I will go so far as saying their sandwiches are the best food in town.

The small gourmet Italian spot is so unassuming; I can understand why many locals don’t even know about it. Inside is a deli counter, racks of imported Italian food products, fridges with pasta and tomato sauce, various baked desserts (plus they fill cannolis to order!), and one little table to eat at. So have a seat, if one is available, and wait for your sandwich to be prepared, or call ahead if you are in a hurry- they like to take their time over here, to lovingly cut each slice of whatever goodness you order.

Much of the long sandwich list are combinations of Italian deli meats and accompaniments. If none of the pre-set combos strike your fancy, you can easily create your own or make substitutes.  The ingredients are all high high quality. You will find no slimy deli meat here. The sandwiches are piled with the cured meat slices; they are quite big. Plus- how can you not be completely in love with a sandwich joint that puts an extra layer of meat on TOP of the sandwich. Completely unnecessary, completely awesome. My sandwich was hot sorpressata, hot cappicolla, provolone, and tomato. Sandwiches run around 6 or $7.

If I see homemade roast pork on a menu there is a 100% guarantee that I will order it. I was told that Grandma makes it fresh here every morning from an old family recipe. The juicy slices were exactly what I was hoping for. This pork makes you stop and take notice. It was somehow light but also full of flavor. I wouldn’t be surprised if Grandma had a conversation with the pig and asked him what seasonings would be ideal to bring out his maximum delicious potential. Garlic was definitely mentioned in that conversation.  The pork is so good that it barely needs anything with it, but sharp provolone is the appropriate dairy addition.

I liked both sandwiches so much, and would advise coming with a friend so you can go halvsies with one stacked deli sandwich and one roast pork sandwich.   Angelo and Josephine’s sandwiches are the kind of secret I want to shout about from the rooftops.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Probably the best sandwiches in Manayunk; contender for best in Philly
  • Home made roast pork sandwiches!
  • Piles of high quality deli meat
  • Long sandwich list to chose from, but easy to create your own
  • They carry awesome gourmet sodas and Honest Teas

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Only one table to sit at

Angelo and Josephine’s, 4241 Main St, Manayunk, 215 508 9511



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