Free Wraps Tomorrow

According to Thrillist, Wrap Shack on 18th and Sansom is giving out 300 free wraps starting at 11:30.

Also, Pizza Thursday will return next week with something you won’t want to miss…


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    I went there today and got the Thai chicken wrap (the other free choice was buffalo chicken). It was tasty, nicely plump with lots of chicken, but I definitely wouldn’t call it Thai. The only thing that could have been remotely Thai was a mild peanutty sauce inside; the other ingredients besides nice sized bites of white meat chicken were lettuce and a couple of pieces of cooked broccoli. No other spices, and not a hint of any heat (except that the wrap was warm when I got it). As I said it was a tasty and pretty filling lunch, especially for a giveaway, but if you’re looking for a Thai-spicy wrap this wouldn’t be the place for it.

    I went alone and got mine to go so can’t comment on the buffalo chicken.

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