The $6 Kobe Beef Burger at Chops is Legit

I was so intrigued by the tip from Luncher Scott, that I ran over to Chops as fast as I could to see if this deal was real. And there it was in big letters for every passerby to see: 10oz kobe beef burger for $6.

The Washington Square West location of Chops opened last month; it is a classic steakhouse with some random sushi specials. Accordingly, most menu items are fairly pricey.

The restaurant is spacious and regal, with tables and comfy booths. Many seats were empty around prime lunch time; I assume the place is just getting into its groove.

The service is super super attentive, the staff seemed very insistent that everything be perfect for us.

Complimentary radish and pickle? Don’t mind if I do. It happened to be a pretty solid pickle. That is always a good sign. We were also served french and raisin bread with butter.

Chops boasts a diverse beer menu, unfortunately there was something wrong with their beer taps, so I went with a bottled Stoudt’s Scarlet.

The plate came rather quickly. I first dug into the crispy french fries, they were well above average. Perhaps they were fried twice?

The first thing I noticed was that Chops did not use any sort of burger bun, they place their meat on toasted ciabatta bread. Now, I had no problem with this, the bread soaked up the juice from the burger and provided a nice chewy texture of its own, but burger purists might find issue with this choice. As promised, the burger was topped with cheddar cheese and sauteed onions in addition to lettuce and tomato. At 10 oz, this was a sizable opponent for my belly. The first bites of the burger were extremely juicy, but it dried up a little as I kept eating. The beef was flavorful, but not exceptional.  The outer crust was nicely done. The special is worth heading over there for, but I am guessing the regular menu price of the burger would not be worth it. Take advantage of this special while it’s around!

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • $6 huge ass kobe burger!
  • The fries are delish
  • My office requires me to dress business casual, I might as well dine somewhere classy

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • My hamburgers better come on a bun
  • Other than this special, the place is way out of my budget
  • The burger meat dries up a teeny bit as it sits on the plate
  • I am not really in the mood for eating in a fancy setting
  • The special is only during weekdays and is not available for take out

Chops, 700 Walnut St (btw 7th and 8th St.), 215-922-7770



  • I saw that sign when I was on my way back from eating Union Trust’s kobe beef burger special. UT’s is a 6oz burger on a bun with hand-cut fries for $7.17.(they are located at 717 Chestnut, clever!) I have to say UT’s was execellent and would go there every week. Would you be willing to try both and give a comparison?

  • $6 10oz Kobe Burger sounds awesome.
    And who would pay MORE for a smaller 6oz burger? Just saying – the cheap-o-meter goes off. LOL.

  • @ccupike I love your challenge, great idea! How can I say no to that?

  • I look forward to your review. My co-worker and I keep talking about that burger and are planning to go on a regular basis. We would love to join you to hear from you first hand. Let me know when you plan to go and we’ll try to meet you down there. Keep up the good work, I love the site!

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    I’m going Friday to check out Chops. I was unaware of the Union Trust deal until a few moments ago, so I am adding that to me To Eat list. Is that a daily lunch special?


  • Scott – It is a daily lunch special and it’s wonderful even though it’s a smaller burger. Well worth $7+.

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    A group of coworkers and I headed to Chops today to check out the $6 Kobe burger deal. It’s Friday so there were lots of jeans and sneakers, and we weren’t out of place. I imagine the Happy Hour/Dinner crowd is a bit snazzier looking.

    My first impression of the place is a little skewed, as I just started playing Bioshock. If you know the game, the art deco fonts and the music made it seem like a well-lit Rapture…but without the mutants.

    The service was great, and the staff were attentive throughout the meal. Never an empty water or soda, nor iced tea on the table.

    I split the calamari app with another fellow. It was cooked perfectly…not rubbery, not underdone. However, I’d like to see something more than just rings of calamari on the plate.

    My entire party was there for the burger. Though we ordered a mix of medium-rare to medium-well, it seemed that they were all cooked regular ole medium. While it didn’t make it a bad burger, Jamie’s photo of the pink-in-the-middle burger makes me a bit jealous. For this time of year the tomatoes were good, and thick-cut. The fries were quite good and, like Jamie, I suspect their twice-fried. I meant to ask.

    Next week, I’m heading to Union Trust to give that a go. I’d certainly head back to Chops, though.

  • @sfg- awesome recap scott, thanks! very glad you liked your lunch! I could eat those fries alll the time.

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