Snow Day: What is open for lunch??

Yes, our city looks gorgeous and magical under all of this snow, but can we get lunch?? Here is what’s going on with a few of the recently posted lunch spots:

Yummy Yummy, 52 N 10th  St (btw Filbert & Arch St), 215-625-9188 : open

Coup de Taco, 40th btw Locust and Spruce St, 917-817-4715: closed

Varga Bar, 942 Spruce St. (at 10th St.), 215-627-5200: open

Dim Sum Garden, 59 N. 11th St. (btw Filbert and Arch St.), 215-627-0218: no answer

Argan, 132 S. 17th St. (at Moravian St.), 215-873-6552: open

And as for hot chocolate, the Rittenhouse location  of Naked Chocolate is open for now, while the University City location is closed.


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    Glad to hear YY is still open; I went past there yesterday at lunch hour and it was shut tight and dark. Couldn’t see any sign listing days/hours, at least one in English, so I wondered if they were still around. Thanks for the confirmation, will have to try soon.

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