Slow Cooked Lamb Sandwich at Argan

I went down another set of stairs this week for lunch, this time, for Moroccan sandwiches. Argan makes both vegetarian and meat sandwiches, as well as salads, and for some reason they also have a whole coffee menu.

Argan offers choices of meats, veggies, and spreads that can be combined in their lovely version of  pita bread. Picking from the meat choices is harder than picking your favorite Victoria Secret model, good thing there are only 7 options here.

I  liked the Moroccan meatballs, though they could use a little something more, and if I would recommend one sandwich to snatch up, it would definitely be the lamb…

I had a feeling the slow cooked lamb sandwich would be my favorite, and it was- so soft and with just enough flavor to hold up to the vibrant vegetables and baba ghannouj eggplant spread. Iceburg lettuce is pretty much useless; I was impressed that Argan uses quality mixed greens inside all of their sandwiches. The meat sandwiches ($6.99) come with 3 vegetarian options, and you can choose from both the vegetable list and the spread list. From the ones I tried, the white beans and the carrots were my favorite, the carrots brighten up the whole package and the white beans add to the texture. I have to admit that in general I am on Team Baba Ghannouj and not Team Hummus, so while I didn’t get to try the hummus, both the baba ghannouj and the zaalouk (also made of eggplant) impressed me and would easily please any vegetarian as the featured ingredient.

I also enjoyed the set up of the small restaurant, it was cozy and not very crowded. If I could figure out how not to drip baba ghannouj on my laptop, I could see myself getting some serious work done here.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Meat + veggies + mixed greens = a healthy lunch
  • Service is fast and the staff is happy to make recommendations.
  • The quality of the lamb is more than worth the price tag.
  • The pita is unique and absorbs the sauce well.
  • All meat is halal.

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • A touch more meat inside couldn’t hurt.

Argan, 132 S. 17th St. (at Moravian St.), 215-873-6552



  • Any merguez? Harissa? Mmm.

    My favorite VS model is Tyra, obvi. If only because she knows Mr. Jay who I want to be friends with.

    -Team Hummus

  • Looks and sounds delicious, but I’m having trouble figuring out how large that sandwich is from the pictures. Is it the size of a standard pita, cut open and stuffed?

  • @steve, Merguez is on the menu, but I had to save it for my next trip. As for VS… Marissa Miller for domestic, Laetitia Casta for international.

    @Mwinston, I would say its on the smaller side of the standard pita

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    I agree with Jamie about the atmosphere. I had a lamb pita and got some serious work done in there.

    -Team Baba Ghannouj

  • I love their bread. The owner bakes it in house, so the place has a pleasant, yeasty scent. The merguez is excellent, but i concur- more meat would be nice.

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    I went here once, a while back. I was a bit disappointed however; while tasty, vegetarian sandwiches are usually (1) a bit cheaper and (2) a bit larger than the meat ones. I would describe the veg sandwich I got (can’t remember which one) as *skimpy.*

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