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Downtown Spicy Fish Special: If you work Downtown, you should be excited for this: Uncle John's Ham & Eggs, the amazing diner breakfast/Chinese food mash-up is serving a spicy fried fish special this week- prepared the same way as their pork chops (fried and topped with peppers and green onions.) It's $7.25, and if you go today you can get it with egg foo young.  Nice! [via Facebook]

Uncle John’s Ham & Eggs Opens Their Breakfast/Chinese Food Mashup in New Location

Uncle John’s Ham & Eggs, the 35+ year old diner on 8th btw. Olive & Hill, is not exactly a hidden Downtown gem.  But it isn’t Philippe’s either. It lives somewhere in between, and for those who work or live or breakfast downtown, it’s borderline legendary.  For me, it’s a no-brainer Midtown Lunch.  The idea is so simple in its genius, that some might be confused at first by its brilliance.  On one hand its unfamiliar, on the other it’s so familiar you can’t understand how this place isn’t a nationwide franchise.  Breakfast diner + Chinese food.   That’s it.  Think Chinese roast pork with eggs, hash browns and toast.  Or corned beef hash and eggs over fried rice.

I first heard of Uncle John’s last month, when Dig Lounge (run by yesterday’s profiled lunch’er Matt) reported that Uncle John’s would be opening a second location on Grand btw. 8+9th, in the Stillwater Hotel.  I couldn’t wait that long, and immediately rushed to their original location… only to find it closed! For good (so sad).  Thankfully their new location on Grand opened last week, so on Monday I headed over for some over easy egg topped salt and pepper pork chops.

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Uncle John’s Ham & Eggs Closes Indefinitely


I was pretty excited to read about the downtown Chinese-food-over-eggs breakfast/lunch staple Uncle John’s Ham & Eggs (and the soon to open Uncle John’s Cafe) on Dig Lounge last week.  Sadly, when I headed over yesterday to try their infamous Chinese roast pork over eggs I was greeted by a shuttered gate and this incredibly disappointing sign.  (Cue overhead shot with me yelling “Nooooooooooooooo!”)  I guess the saving grace is that Uncle John’s Cafe will (supposedly) be opening a week from Monday on S. Grand btw. 8+9th.

In the meantime you can head around the corner to the terrible (but oh so loveable) Chu’s Chinese Kitchen, or do what we did… get in your car and drive to Starry Kitchen in the water court (validated parking in the lot on Olive btw. 3+4th).  Today is the last day for their crunchy egg roll wrapper stuffed nom nom pork wrap.  (Yes, you read that right.)