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Ruen Pair Gets Robbed!: We normally love Squid Ink's food fight series- after all, who doesn't love a good dish on dish battle to the death. But we've gotta call BS on their latest entry, in which Ruen Pair's stir fried morning glory was defeated by its next door neighbor's morning glory with crispy pork. Not only is crispy pork an obvious advantage, but even though it isn't on the menu Ruen Pair will gladly serve its crispy pork with stir fried morning glory if you ask. We demand a do-over!

Ruen Pair: The Best Things to Order for Lunch


Back in April, Savuer put together a 24 hour guide to eating Thai food in Los Angeles with dishes and restaurants for every conceivable time and mood.  For lunch they suggested a bowl of khao soi from Spicy BBQ (Noon), the steam table at LAX-C downtown (1pm) and the pad thai salad from Essan Thai (2pm).  But there was plenty more on the list that could be eaten for lunch, including Ruen Pair’s chicken prik king- which totally caught my eye.

Ruen Pair is known primarily as a late night place (Saveur suggested 10pm as the ideal time to eat there), but they are open for lunch.  And even though there is no lunch menu specifically, almost all of their dishes are under $10.

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