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It’s Free Chili Day at Philippe’s: Starting at 11am today Philippe's will give out 500 vouchers for free chili with the purchase of any sandwich. If you love their canned, but doctored, chili you might want to head over there for lunch. (Conversely, if you hate crowds of freeloaders, you might want to stay away from Philippe's today.) [via L.A. Weekly's Squid Ink]

Street Food Fest Refugees Descend on Philippe’s

And by the time we left, the lines were out both doors

Being a recent L.A. transplant, and a lover of street food, I was pretty excited for this past weekends L.A. Street Food Fest downtown… me and everybody else in the city! The event, which was organized by Profiled L.A. Lunchers Shawna & Sonja, was the perfect way for somebody like me to try out L.A.’s amazing (and enormous) street food scene all in one shot. Sadly by 11am (the time the doors were supposed to open) the line was already stretching around the corner, down the street, and through the main parking lot, which was full by 11:15am. Looks like V.I.P was the way to go!

Not wanting to wait on the 2 hour line (!?!) just to get in, we headed to an unsurprisingly packed Philippe’s (on N. Alameda & 10th) where it seemed like everybody waiting on line had given up on the street food festival… and no, we didn’t see any roaches!  (As for my L.A. street food craving, I guess I’ll have to pick the trucks off one by one.  Any suggestions for where I should start?)