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L.A. Times Profiles the Mayor of Jitlada: Today's L.A. Times features a profile of Jo from My Last Bite, the unofficial Mayor of Jitlada and our lunchtime tour guide of the Thai Town mainstay back in July.   She's halfway through her goal of eating through all 300 dishes the restaurant serves! (Bonus tidbit... the story was written by Profiled Lunch'er "Betty Hallock".)

Thursday Lunch With the Mayor of Jitlada


Whenever anybody says that New York City is better than Los Angeles, one thing immediately pops into my head.  Thai food.  Sure, the Mexican food is awesome… but I’m kind of addicted to the Asian thing.  And, for me, the Thai food alone is enough to make me feel pretty damn good about my decision to move back to L.A.  And while there are little pockets of great Thai food all over SoCal, Thai Town in East Hollywood is still the mecca.  They have everything you could want, with countless restaurants specializing in a few great dishes… like the spicy catfish at Ganda, the great dessert place next door, the Northern Thai food specialties of Spicy BBQ or Pailin Thai, and for those who want a show (but don’t care about the food) there’s Thai Elvis.

But if you want a Southern Thai feast, of epic proportions, from a restaurant with a menu that is the Thai equivalent of the Cheesecake Factory (how… do… they… do… it!?) then there is only one spot for you:  Jitlada.  And if you want to do lunch at Jitlada, everybody who is a huge fan will tell you the same thing- “talk to Jo.  She goes every Thursday.”  And so last Thursday I asked Jo (from My Last Bite) if she would show us how the “Mayor” of Jitlada recommends doing lunch.  She agreed, and a crew was assembled of her friends just knowingly arrived to join us…

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