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Has India Jones Switched Up Their Bread?

India JonesIndia Jones

It was almost exactly 1 year ago this week that I first hit up the India Jones Truck.  I was fresh off the boat from NYC, and hungry for a West coast equivalent to my beloved kati roll- a Calcutta street food that is very popular in Midtown Manhattan.  I really loved their butter chicken (you might say the secret ingredient is butter) but their frankies and stuffed “paratha” left me a bit disappointed.  Admittedly the frankie and kati roll are two completely different treats (the frankie comes from Bombay, and features an egg washed bread) but I was still hoping for something a bit more traditional than the Mexican flour tortilla they were using for both items.

Well, recently I heard an unconfirmed rumor that they may have changed their bread to something a bit more roti-like.  Excuse to try the India Jones Truck again?  Don’t mind if I do!

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India Jones Serves Gaylord Kwality Butter Chicken

When I ate at the India Jones Truck last week I was completely intrigued by the owner’s claim of being related to India’s “largest restaurant family” (Gaylord Kwality).  I couldn’t find an info on them myself (probably because googling “Gaylord Quality” yields a completely different result!), but Andrew from TruxMap was kind enough to send over this great link detailing the history of the Gaylord Quality Restaurants in India (which seems confirm the origin of India Jones’ delicious butter chicken!)  The India Jones Truck will be parked at MTV today, on Stewart Street.  Check their Twitter account for updates.

India Jones’ Butter Chicken is a Force to Be Reckoned With

India Jones’ Butter Chicken is a Force to Be Reckoned With

India Jones

Midtown Lunch: LA has been up and running for 2 weeks now, and not a single post about street food? Embarrassing… so on Friday I set to rectify the situation by heading to the new Downtown food truck food court on S Alameda and Traction run by the SoCal MFVA. I was excited to try India Jones, which had been recommended by Lunch’er Damara during my last week of lunching in NYC. I’m a huge fan of the kati roll (an Indian burrito/soft taco of sorts popular on the streets of Kolkata), and was worried that moving to L.A. would end my affair with the Indian street snack I had come to know and love.

Is there anything this city doesn’t have!?

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