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Gloria’s Cafe Re-Opens With Fri-Sun Specials

Gloria’s Salvadorean Special ($9)

If you’re looking for Salvadorean food on the westside, most people will send you to the homey and satisfying Gloria’s Cafe.  Known for their pupusas, green corn tamales, and carnitas, Gloria’s has actually been closed for the past two weeks for renovations to their kitchen.  Well… they re-opened yesterday and will be offering a menu of specials this weekend only- Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Most of them are over $10, but if you work on the westside and are looking for a small splurge, this should be your lunch tomorrow (especially if you’ve never been.)

Check out the menu after the jump…

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Obligatory Grand Central Market Lunch (aka Is There More to Life Than Pig & Cheap Chinese Food?)


Yesterday I took my very first trip to the Grand Central Market downtown- and let me be the first (although probably not) to say: if you work in walking distance from Hill and 3rd, I am extremely jealous of you!  Sure, some complain that a number of the stalls are crappy, and there is not enough variety.  You know what I say?  Who needs more than roast pig parts and cheap Chinese food!?  Not me.

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