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Dante’s Fried Chicken (and Tofu) Throws Down the Gauntlet at Thrillist Food Truck Rally

I’ve heard little bits and pieces about the new fried chicken truck run by Dante Gonzales, the NYC artist/chef/party thrower now based here in L.A. It was enough to get me interested, but the Dante Fried Chicken Truck hasn’t really hit the streets full time yet (just a few private events here and there.) I was particularly curious how such a new truck managed to squeeze their way into Thrillist’s Food Truck Rally– featuring the 5 “Best of the Best” Food Trucks in L.A., but the pick turned out to be inspired… because not only were they the talk of the event this past Saturday, they won the people’s choice voting (beating out Frysmith, Dim Sum Truck, Komodo, and Lardon.) And not just for their fried chicken… it was also their fried tofu (vegetarians should be seriously excited for this), mac and cheese, and their coconut biscuit topped with blueberry stout brisket & almond banana slaw.

I’m not sure exactly when the truck will pop up in public next, but it sounds like they may be on Miracle Mile for lunch very soon. My twitter stalking has officially started (and if you’re smart, you’ll follow them right along with me.)