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The Roast Turkey Lunch at Clifton’s Cafeteria is a Perfect Pre-Thanksgiving Meal


I’m not sure what it is about old school cafeterias that cause me to so willingly give up quality, but they do. I will gladly accept dry turkey, meatloaf of an unknown provenance, congealed cheese covered mac and cheese, and terrible pies and pudding provided that the method of ordering doesn’t involve menus or waiters, but simply requires moving said items from a counter onto a tray.  Of course the food has to be cheap- otherwise a fat guy like me will end up spending a fortune, and that is no good.

So when I heard that Downtown L.A. was home to one of these such places, I knew I had to go.  And when I heard that their gravy topped roast turkey and stuffing was a winner, I knew I had to go before Thanksgiving!

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