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Chimu is Now Closed

IMG_0770Super sad news via Gourmet Pigs this morning… Chimu, the excellent Peruvian lunch window just outside the Grand Central Market, had its last service yesterday. I was very excited to hear about Red Hill, the chef’s new restaurant coming to Echo Park next month, but not if it meant he’d be closing Chimu!  Apparently the place didn’t do enough business to survive, so if you find yourself reading this and saying “Nooooo! I never got to try Chimu before it closed!”  then I blame you. Now, Mo Chica on 7th can’t come quick enough…

Did Chimu Change Their Chicken For JGold?

IMG_0717The Guru hit up Chimu Downtown for this week’s L.A. Weekly review, turning stomach groans into poetry- as only he can.  But one particular tidbit in the review stood out: his mention of the “unusually crisp” pollo ala brasa.  The skin I got on my trip to Chimu was actually unusually not crispy, a byproduct of keeping the meat super moist according to the owner.  Did Chimu solve their chicken skin problem?  Or did we just get it on an off day?  Either way, you probably don’t want to bother with the chicken anyway… the pork belly (JGold’s favorite dish) and the lamb belly are soooo much better.

The Hits Keep Coming (and Going) at Chimu Downtown

The Hits Keep Coming (and Going) at Chimu Downtown


If you work Downtown and saw the L.A. Times write up of Chimu last week (the new Peruvian place in the Grand Central Market) you must have run right out and tried it.  I know I did. Twice. Despite being a take out window just outside the Grand Central Marketplace, the menu of modern Peruvian cuisine is a bit out of my price range (“entrees” are $10-13) but I couldn’t help but splurge. The chef’s pedigree is top notch- he used to work Lazy Ox, another acceptable Midtown Lunch splurge, and Mo Chica, the Peruvian restaurant that was clearly used as a model for Chimu’s concept and menu style.  But the dishes themselves are mostly unique and changing every day.

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