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What’s Your Favorite Car Wash Lunch?


Yesterday I needed a car wash, and what better way to kill two birds with one stone than with a car wash lunch!?  I kind of love how a ton of car washes places in L.A. have little lunch spots attached to them, and I’ve been obsessed with trying as many of these places as I can.  Am I saying that lunch dictates where I am likely to get my car wash?  Yup.  That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Crunchy Sea is a great car wash option in Koreatown, and I’ve been really wanting to try the barbecue place attached to the Handy J car wash in West L.A. (even though I’ve heard bad things.)  But yesterday I was hell bent on checking out a sushi place that I was told about by Josh from the blog Food GPS.  That’s right… car wash sushi!  How could this be bad? (You know what… don’t answer that.)

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Crunchy Sea Brings $1 Fish Tacos to Koreatown Car Wash


I think the car wash lunch is one of my favorite things about Los Angeles.  I’m not sure why, because admittedly I’ve never actually had lunch at a car wash.  It just excites me that they exist.  I live in Culver City, so Outdoor Grill at the Handy J Car Wash on Washington is on my list (even though I’ve heard it’s terrible.)  And somebody told me there is car wash sushi (how could I not!)  But my first car wash lunch happened last week when I stumbled upon Crunchy Sea, a newish car wash shack specializing in $1 fish tacos in of all places, Koreatown.

How could it be bad?

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