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My 21 Favorite Los Angeles Lunches (To Share With Out of Towners)


Over the weekend Midtown Lunch turned two years old, and I used the occasion as an excuse to enjoy a big bowl of khao soi at Spicy BBQ in Thai Town- the very first “Midtown Lunch” I had after moving here from NYC. It not only got me super excited to move here, but it made me realize how little I was going to miss about lunching in New York. Now when friends from the east coast visit, I make it my mission to make them realize it too. And for our two year anniversary I figured it was time to put together a list of my 25 favorite lunches to take people from out of town to.  (Mostly because I’m lazy, and sick of writing out this info in an email every time a friend visits L.A.)

Since Midtown Lunch doesn’t really cover San Gabriel Valley or the South Bay or the Valley, and people like to keep things close, the list mainly covers the areas between Downtown and Santa Monica.  And while most of the lunches are under $10, I did sneak a few essential splurges in there (but not too many, because I’m a cheap bastard.) Plus there are plenty of places I love to eat lunch at that didn’t make the cut, because they’re not jealousy inducing. And that’s what this list is all about…

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