ChocoChicken Hears Our Cry

Back in July I had an entire conversation with myself about ChocoChicken, the new Umami Burger-related chocolate chicken concept that opened in DTLA. Well, apparently somebody was listening because they got rid of pretty much everything but the chicken this week. Check out the new menu over on Eater.



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    Love the idea of ChocoChicken. But the prices are just ridiculous.

    After golf at Hansen Dam, I often call a hole-in-the-wall on San Fernando across from the municipal airport — Wendill’s Thai — so they can get my fried chicken started. Four big pieces, freshly fried, with french fries and a side salad for $6.50++. But if I want a breast and thigh from Choco we are at $13 without any sides. Ridiculous.

    If they couldn’t make a business model with profits at bigger volume at MUCH lower prices, somebody should have nixed the idea.

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    The best value on the menu is the combo — breast, thigh, sauce, side, biscuit, for $16++. That is over $20 for lunch.

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