The New Oinkster Should Rename Their Signature Item; Burger Week Coming Soon


If you are one of those people who always felt like Eagle Rock was too far to drive for pastrami sandwiches, pulled pork and crazy burgers, you’ll be excited to discover that The Oinkster just opened a new Hollywood location on La Brea just north of Melrose.  The menu from the original has made it over mostly intact, complete with sandwiches, salads, fries and milkshakes. The rotisserie chicken is still Eagle Rock only, but to make up for it they’ve made some of the more popular specials from the the original location into permanent menu items at the new branch- like the Thanksgiving Burger (a turkey burger topped with celery sage relish and cranberry sauce) and the pork adobo burger (a burger topped with pork adobo.)

But is this is your very first visit to the Oinkster, you’ll probably end up going with their namesake sandwich.


Despite the porky name, The Oinkster’s signature item is house smoked pastrami (!?) which you can get as a plain sandwich ($9.50), a reuben ($11), or as The Oinkster ($10.50), a giant sub with red cabbage cole slaw, caramelized onions, and gruyere cheese.  If you’re expecting Langer’s #19, you’ll probably be disappointed.  The meat is shaved thin, old school L.A. burger shop style, and served on a oblong french roll.  If that sounds like your kind of thing, it’s tasty enough for sure- and large enough to maybe even share with a friend if you add some fries and aren’t starving. But if you’re a hand cut pastrami purist, looking for a Langer’s alternative, you’ll be better off at Wexler’s, the new deli counter that just opened in The Grand Central Market.


For my second visit I went with the pork adobo burger, a ground pork burger patty topped with shredded pork adobo and a garlic aoli.  First served at The Oinkster’s 2012 Burger Week, it occasionally popped up as a special at the Eagle Rock location- and after one bite it’s not hard to see why they made it a permanent menu item at their new location. Plus, at $7 you can combo it up with fries and a drink ($4.25) and not feel like you’re spending too much money for lunch. With double the pork, and tasting so good, it makes you wonder why *it* isn’t called The Oinkster.


A few additional side notes. The fries are good, the onion rings are great, and they might have the first and only homemade ketchup I’ve ever had that isn’t terrible. And if you’re on the fence about ordering a shake, know that you won’t be disappointed- especially if you go with their purple coconut-y ube shake.

Speaking of special burgers… it was just announced that Oinkster’s Burger Week 2014 will kick off June 2nd at the Eagle Rock location only. Starting on that Monday they’ll serve a new, unique burger creation each day, for one day only.  ”Collect” all 7 and you’ll get an exclusive BURGERLORDS t-shirt designed just for the promotion. The burgers haven’t been announced yet, but apparently the list will include 6 brand new creations and one favorite from a Burger Week past.  Good luck collecting all 7!

The Oinkster

  • Hollywood: 776 Vine St. (323) 536-9248.
  • Eagle Rock: 2005 Colorado Blvd. (323) 255-6465


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