Is Mexicali Taco & Co Serving up the Best Al Pastor in L.A.?

When I put together my Perfect 2 hour taco crawl of L.A. last year that started at Ricky’s Fish Tacos (RIP) and ended at Mariscos Jalisco, I included Mexicali Taco & Co. even though their tacos aren’t the best thing on the menu.  After all, why let semantics deprive you of delicious vampiros and egg topped cachetadas?  But recently Mexicali started serving up two new taco specials that are both making me re-consider the carne asada vampiro as my go to order.

Word on the street is that the carne asada at Mexicali has gone a little downhill since they first moved their late night tabletop operation indoors.  And it’s hard to disagree eating it alongside their “Steakhouse” taco, which is made with grilled ribeye and topped with cheese and a sauteed mushroom “salsa”. Naturally it’s a bit more expensive, but you can taste the extra cash.

Even better, though, is their al pastor- which is cut fresh from a spit in the kitchen. There’s no pineapple, but the flavorful marinade more than makes up for it. And while the tacos are more than twice as expensive as Tacos Leo (the famous truck on Venice and La Brea that is also dealing with rumors of a possible slip in quality), they’re also more than twice as big.  And more importantly, Leo’s doesn’t do the spit during the day, which makes it pretty easy to declare that Mexicali might be serving the best lunchtime al pastor in all of L.A.  If only they had it every day!

Both meats are only available as specials, so be sure to check their Facebook or Twitter to see when they’re available.  It’s more than worth it.

Mexicali Taco & Co., 702 N. Figueroa St. 310-395-6416



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